Q. When and how did the band form?

Q. Who were your musical influences?

A.Formed in 1968 with Paul Cassidy( Drums),Randy Byron(Guitar) Mark Roller ( Guitar,Bass) and Tim Roller(Guitar) .Started as a kind of folk/rock band like CS&N but after Randy left to more of a psych/prog rock like Cream. Recorded first 45rpm Single on their own " Speed" label called "Yas" and "Sleepy Softness" . The name of the band came from a girl named Morly Grey that Randy knew ( The misspelled "Morley Grey" comes from England and a politician of that name).

Q.How long had you worked on the material for the album?

A.Six months.

Q.How did you come up with the song "The Only Truth" which is very unique and dare I say very un-American in style?

A.Revolved around "When Johnny Comes Marching Home" and the ending of the Vietnam War. Never considered it un-American.

Q. Paul Cassidy played only on side A of the record. Why was he replaced/fired during the recording?

A.Unable to continue because of chronic illness,later returned to the band after the album's release.

Q. The original idea was to name the album "The First Supper". Why did you want to call it that and why did you decide to change it to "The Only Truth" in the end?

A.The First Supper was simply a play on words to Christ's Last Supper. The songs were to be...
1.Our Time
2.You Came To Me
3.Peace Officer
4.I'm Afraid
5.Who Can I Say You Are
6.Be Your King
7.I'll Space You
8.Love Me
9.None Are For Me
10.Come Down

After Paul left, Mark and Tim needed a new drummer to perform live with and decided they should have him on the album also. They recorded three extra songs( After Me Again,A Feeling For You,The Only Truth) with Bob LaNave and made a new side two.Bob also replaced Paul on the back cover. The Only Truth was their favorite song and so renamed the album to feature this as the title track. The original cover was changed to an inside poster.

Q. Did you perform a lot? Where did you perform? Did you have a following? Did you ever open for major acts? How was your local scene?

A.The band performed in Canada,and midwest  to east coast U.S. as an opening act for Bob Seger , The Platters , Brownsville Station , Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels , Cactus ( formerly of Vanilla Fudge) , Wolfman Jack and others. Also the band Law opened for Morly Grey.  Locally they performed in their home town of Alliance,Ohio as well as Warren and Younstown, Ohio. The band had hundreds of fans.

Q. After the album was out, was there any serious promotion? Any media coverage? Do you have any idea how many copies did you sell?

A.Without a major record deal promotion was limited. The local newspaper covered the release and the album was selling about ten copies a day in local record stores after it's initial release in March 1972. Thousands of bootlegs on LP and CD had been sold between 1972 and 2005 untill the band finally stopped them and releaseed their own CD on the Speed Label.

Q. When and why did the band break up?

Q What have the band members done after the band demise? What are they doing today?

A.Morly Grey never officially broke up. Mark,Tim and Bob released a second album in 1973 "The Roller Bros. Band" with the help of some great guest musicians . They continued playing locally with Paul , Bob, and other musicians over the years and recorded a yet to be released reunion album in 1995-1997. In 2005 they released their Speed Label version of "The Only Truth" on CD and in 2008 the CD Single " The First Supper" (Be Your King/I'll Space You). In 2009 they signed a deal with Sundazed Records to remaster " The Only Truth" from the original master tapes with the previously unreleased tracks.

Q. Why do you think Morly Grey didn't get the recognition it deserved back then? If you could do things differently, what would you have done?

A.Again, in those days without a major record deal with expensive promotion,distribution,and radio airplay, you just didn't have much of a chance. Fortunately the album traveled to Europe were most American music of that day was more popular. The band developed a solid fan base and the rarety of the LP made it a collectors item. If good music is allowed to live long enough it eventually finds an audience.

Q. I've seen somewhere that some tracks have been recorded by Mark, Tim and Bob between 95-97. What is the status on these tracks?

A.Still waiting for a release. They may be included in the new Sundazed Record deal the band just signed .