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Here's my top five:
1. Neal Peart, Rush (by far, the best drummer in rock, period!)
2. John Bonham, Led Zeppelin (the original basher, but Peart definitely expounded on what he brought to the table)
3. Keith Moon, The Who (played like a man possessed, and kind of was in real life)
4. Mike Portnoy, Dream Theater (the best of the young breed. This guy doesn't even need to solo for his *beep* to be amazing!)
5. Phil Collins, Genesis (could not only jam, but could also sing while playing)

Just missed the cut:
6. Bob Bruford, Yes (part of a super-talented group, and a big Dream Theater influence. Love the time-changes.)
7. Ginger Baker, Cream (unlike Bill Ward, can still jam for an old guy)
8. Mitch Mitchell, Jimi Hendrix Experience (drummers and musicians know how great he was backing Jimi. Even played the Buddy Miles/Band of Gypsys stuff great)
9. Dave Lombardo, Slayer (Slayer is my favorite band, and he revolutionized metal drumming. A definite influence on me and many others in this generation)
10. Nikko McBrain, Iron Maiden (can still bring it after all these years. And, doesn't need a double-bass pedal, either. Up the Irons!)

Best current (metal/hard rock):
1. Portnoy
2. Lombardo
3. McBrain
4. Scott Travis, Judas Priest (the beat drummer Priest has ever had, and they're even heavier thanks to him)
5. Charlie Benate, Anthrax (often overlooked, but still one of the best drummers in metal)
5a. Dave Grohl, Foo Fighters (would have made the list but is more of a frontman now. However, can't discount his Nirvana years and the Probot CD. A phenomenal musician)

Most overrated:
1. Lars Ulrich, Metallica (he's the reason I bought a drum set, but once you learn the drums, you realize that his *beep* isn't all that spectacular. A better buisnessman than a drummer, and even that's debatable (see: Load CD, Napster lawsuit))
2. Alex Van Halen, Van Halen (Hot for Teacher was great. Anything else? Was given props because of his last name and the band he was in)
3. Ringo Starr, The Beatles (Pete Best was better. A legend only because he was a Beatle)
4. Peter Criss, KISS (Eric Carr and Eric Singer each blew him out of the water)
5. Bill Ward, Black Sabbath (he wasn't even the best drummer the band's ever had (Cozy Powell, Vinnie Appice, Singer, Mike Bordin, even *gasp* Bev Bevan). Only revered because he was an original member of the metal pioneers)

Drummers unite!

Re: Best drummers in rock

Sun, June 10, 2007 - 3:16 AM
I Think one of the best drummers of all time is Paul Cassidy of Morly Grey...both on "The Only Truth" and "The First Supper" his percussionism is without equal...except for maybe Ginger Baker of Cream.