Reviewed by: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck, December 2002 

   Morly Grey had only one album, titled The Only Truth. Originally released in 1972 on the Starshine label, it was a rare collector's item for years.  The first few original releases came packaged with a poster, which is reproduced beautifully from the original artwork as a bonus to this LP. This great rock record is one of those amazing classics that you never heard, wish you did, and then wonder why you have not. The music sounds unexpectedly advanced considering the tracks were committed to tape in 1972. You will hear rock, psychedelic sounds reminiscent of The Doors and Jimi Hendrix, and jazz-rock fusion, like on the track "Our Time." For a trio, their sound was an electrifying full exciting new sound that was just starting to make its way into the consciousness of young adventurous musicians. Bands like this jump-started the beginning of many major changes in music. The title track, which is a flat out progressive rock tour de force running over 17 minutes long, brings you full circle from a rocking entrance, to a spaced out eerie middle section, then to a meaningful powerful ending. I do not want to imply that it is something that you would hear today. It sounds more like a formative free form track that develops and comes to a head like a musical eruption exploding from the core of their base sound. The group works very hard to maintain and expand this format in many of their songs. It comes as a shock that they did not continue to record after such a successful recording session as this. One never knows what the circumstances may have been at the time though. One thing I do know, they left their ineradicable mark on early progressive rock music. 


                                            The Only Truth Reviewer: A music fan

   This album is great, there may have been others but this takes you back to a place of joy and happiness. This was beautifully done, each track rolled right into the next. Just one reminder of where music came from and where it has gone to. Any person should enjoythis cd or album. My hat is off to those gentlemen and may they return with part 2 the continuation of smooth music to groove to. No matter who, what, when or where, you've got to it. Best music I've heard in long time, there are definitely other musicians who can and did offer great music such as: AWB, Kool and the gang, Q, David Bowie, Steppenwolf, Cream and Edgar Winters to name a few. I feel that MORLY GREY is ranked right up there with the aforementioned. Let's hear more!... 


                               " The Only Truth ", March 18, 2005 By Trevor Williams

 A spiritual journey through the angst and heartache of the late 60's. Drummer Paul Cassidy , Guitarist Tim Roller and his brother Mark on Bass , take you with them on a mystical jaunt though time and space with screeching guitar solo's, melodic bass runs and frantic drum rolls. This truly is a classic. Over 35 years of continuous sales worldwide with copies of the original LP being auctioned at well over $ 800.00. Side two features Drummer Bob LaNave who became the Morly Grey's " Ringo Starr " when their " Pete Best " (Pete Cassidy) was fired. All The songs were written by Paul Cassidy and the Roller Brothers. Originally titled " The First Supper " the LP contains a poster of what would have been the album cover. The title track is a seventeen minute Rock Opus that will continue to be on the " must hear " list of every rock music aficionado for years to come. I never really appreciated these three young lads who used to practice their original music in my attic...untill it was too late....I miss you , Pete. R.I.P. Paul Trever Cassidy 1953-2001



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MORLY GREY (Alliance,OH) "The Only Truth" 1972 (Starshine 69000) [1000p; poster]

"The Only Truth" 1986 (Starshine) [counterfeit; poster]

 "The Only Truth" 1990 (CD Twilight Tone, Germany) ( Bootleg )

 "The Only Truth" 1990 (CD Flash 52, UK) ( Bootleg )

"The Only Truth" 2001 (CD Akarma , Italy) ( Bootleg )

 "The Only Truth" 2005 (CD Speed Label, US)

     I've always liked this LP for its successful mix of folkrocky westcoast and heavy guitar that few groups manage to pull off. Might be too proggy for those who want 1960s garage/psych sounds but to me it's definitely worthwhile, with strong songwriting, in your face hardrock action, and atmospheric moves on the sidelong title track. One of the classic privates from Ohio, with no weaknesses. The vinyl bootleg includes the original poster and is exact enough to look like a ripoff bid, but not many were fooled; easiest tell is that the original has a wraparound front cover slick with a tan background that extends onto the back cover, while the bootleg wraparound slick's tan background color ends at the seams and turns into white on the back cover. The boot also has some crackles on side 2 from the copy that was counterfeited. There were two 45s released from the LP, and also a rare pre-LP 45, "Sleepy Softness". The band also put out a 45 of previously unreleased tracks around 1990, with an art sleeve. [PL]


     Essential heavy psych rock with wonderful mix of heavy wailing and delicate wandering guitar leads. Fine vocals and drumming as well. highlighted by the anthemic title track, a 17 minute anti-war epic with watery sustain. The drummer Paul Cassidy left after the initial recordings. The group kept side one and re-recorded the title track with new drummer, Bob Lanave


      Strong hard rock album with some very subtle moments and excellent production for a privately pressed album. At times they sound like they could have been an effective folk-rock band if they'd chosen that route. Interesting and creative throughout. The 17-minute song is surprisingly effective, and this album has hooks galore. One of the best of its kind, that rare hard rock album that mixes subtle and heavy without ever sounding uncomfortable. 


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5.00 stars


A classic of no dispute,just plenty of repute.This is obscure power trio based psychedelic hard rock,being what I call a crossover in circa 1969-1972 of a tendecy towards progressivism in the U.S. with a slight tinge of blues in spots.Great vocals,excellent musicianship by rights give this album the classic tag by collectors it deserves to be.Sometimes albums are overrated for a very damn good reason.This album is a perfect example.This album transcends time,and stands up well.Put this along side your collection of Cream,Blue Cheer,Led Zeppelin,Black Sabbath,Deep Purple,or Sir Lord Baltimore records and, I guarantee as long as you like melodic hard rock,you will not be dissapointed.I would even go as far to say this band is their eqauls.Great music knows no boundaries of time.If I had to say there was any problem with this record it may have to be The Only Truth perhaps is a bit too anthemic in length like Iron Butterfly's In A Gadda Da Vida.But really this is nit-picking for this band jam's like hell,which keeps it from falling into the era's trap of too much pretentciousness.For others maybe the album is a bit too melodic for some.Once again this is nit-picking for the songwriting,and playing is so good.The crude recordings of an album that sounds like it was recorded in a garage on a private indie label only adds to the rawness of the talented quality of this band,which is why this album justifyably get's a 5 star rating here.Don't try to find an original on the Starshine label of this unless you make it in the lottery because this may set you back a few hundred to a grand or so.Find any reisues at this point just to hear this.Happy hunting!!

4.50 stars

Excellent groupe de heavy psyché

Le groupe propose des compos ambitieuses, avec rupture de style et de rythme, des solos dans tous les sens. La voix est anecdotique, curieusement sixties dans la façon de chanter, mais on n'est pas loin d'un album instrumental...
Les derneirs feux d'un genre moribond.
Je suis pas fan du très long (17'00) "the only truth" mais "peace officer", "after me again" ou  "our time" sont remarquables.

4.00 stars
Muy bueno


El único disco de esta banda es un clásico de verdad, Yo catalogaría al disco como “Psych-Hard-Rock”, la banda estaba formada por Paul Cassidy batería (reemplazado en alguna canción por Bob LaNave), Tim Roller a la Guitarra y Mark Roller en el Bajo.

De vez en cuando, harto de tanta mediocridad y de tanto payaso metido a músico, sin saber siquiera poner 3 acordes de mala muerte, me reconforta volver a los clásicos, a aquellos discos que definieron el Rock and Roll tal como lo hemos amado muchos, a esos músicos que hicieron del talento su bandera, y que ante todo, sabían tocar. Hay que destacar del disco los impresionantes solos de guitarra a cargo de uno de los hermanos Roller, recuerdan directamente a Hendrix a Kossoff, incluso al brujo Page.

En definitiva un disco altamente recomendable para los amantes del rock duro sin concesiones al martilleo.

3.00 stars


Decent american hard psych. "Our Time" is a nice song.


YEAH Peace Officer is amazing song

3.50 stars
Shotgun Blast To The Head


Really good trippy rural hard rock, ala Samuel Prody, Fat or perhaps Swampgas. Inventive arrangements, cranked guitars and spooky organ swirls are all here. Really groovy stuff with more than a slight downer feel to it.

5.00 stars

great album of seventies hard rock. Intense and inspired.

3.50 stars


Pretty good Ohio hardrawk with psycher tinges ala Closer To Home era Grand Funk. Some of it veers a little too close to prog territory but as a whole this is a stand up LP that is well deserving of it's reissue status. The obvious hit here is the single, "Who Can I Say You Are?" which is the most psych song and the catchiest as well. It mixes side two of Closer To Home with more obscure elements like, uh, maybe Brigg and Bob Smith, in a semi-amateur way that works really well. A fine addition to any psych collection.